Vietnam motorcycle tours- the path of heritage

Vietnam motorcycle tours- the path of heritage

north vietnam motorbike tours

Up until 2015, Vietnam has proudly possessed 22 world heritages recognized by UNESCO, varying from the natural heritage, tangible heritages until the intangible and documental heritages. With the first landmark, Ha Long Bay, recognized twice time in 1994 and 2001 as the world natural heritage, Vietnam has showed its beauty off on the global travelling map with more and more constructions and landscapes highly appreciated by the experts in tourism sectors.

north vietnam motorbike tours

With the motorbike tours Vietnam specially tailored by our company, we guarantee to bring you the best experiences with the unique attractions and the off roads, which are almost unknown by normal tours. However, our Vietnam motorbike tours also have chance to take a look at the masterpiece of nature, or the magnificent constructions beautifully built up by the hand of people. From the North of Vietnam to the center part, the number of heritages is uncountable.

On the motorcycle trips throughout Vietnam, you will have chance to admire many famous spots. Let’s take a look and feel the enchantment of the Vietnam heritages.

Hanoi Motorcycle Tours -the land of 1000 years of history.

Even in the motorcycle riding Vietnam, we don’t have chance to stay long in Hanoi because mainly we will move to the North or the Ho Chi Minh trail, we still want to briefly introduce to you about this land because it is a great lack if we don’t count Hanoi in the list of cities with many world heritages. Moreover, we also tailor the Hanoi motorbike tours to the countryside in one day, so you can research more in other topics if you want to have a deep insight the city tours.

Hanoi in the home of many heritages, from the tangible one to intangible. Inside the city, you can see the Thang Long Citadel, the ancient bricked wall constructed many years ago, or the system of stone boards on the back of the turtle in Temple of Literature. This site reflects the education system in Vietnam throughout the long period in Vietnamese history from 15-19th century. It is the main spot that almost every tourist need to take a look, even with the Hanoi city tours by motorbike.

On the way to suburban area, our motorcycle touring team can ride through the Soc Son district, where is famous with the Giong festival, which was considered as world heritage in 2010, Duong Lam ancient village where we can see 400 year old houses or the whole surrounding area with many provinces, where the Ca Tru singing reached the peak in 19 and early 20th century with Hanoi was the center. For sure, after a long motorbike tours Northern Vietnam, you want to come back to Hanoi and enjoy it.

Dong Van Karst Plateau- the global geo park ( Great off-road Vietnam motorbike tours )

On the journey to the North of Vietnam, our motorbike tours will visit Ha Giang, the farthest place in the Northeast of Vietnam. This province is well-known with many stunning natural landscapes, where not many people come there; hence, the nature is almost unaffected. Besides, the community of indigenous people also contributes to the variety and colorful lifestyle of Ha Giang.

Of all the famous places in Ha Giang, Dong Van is no doubt the most attractive places. After riding motorbike through Ma Pi Leng pass, our Vietnam motorcycle crew can reach Dong Van town. This town is famous for its ancient town with special architectures, combined of both Chinese and mountainous Vietnamese style.

And if you come here, it is not enough if you just spend time on the ancient town. Let’s ride motorbike to Dong Van Geo Park to see the picturesque scenery of nature. Lie on the extensive plateau is the system of rocks and stones, towering into the quirky and unique shapes. You can feel the magnificence of nature with the thousands of rocks, rowing unordered on the plateau. It is without question the fantastic view that you have ever seen in your life.

Phu Tho- the root of Vietnamese.

From Son Tay town on the west side of Hanoi, if we want to hit the road to Vu Linh, we will definitely have to ride motorbike tour through PhuTho province. This province is well-known as the land of the spiritual values with many festivals and the traditional performances reflecting the soul and the tradition of Vietnamese.

If you join the motorcycle tours north Vietnam after the new year of Vietnam, roughly April, we should not forget to drop in the Phong Chau, Phu Tho to see the festival of worshipping the Hung King in the national historical relic of Hung King. This one was recognized as the intangible heritage of Vietnam, showing the Vietnamese philosophy “When drinking water, remember the source” and the spirit of great national unity, as well as reminding every Vietnamese of the ancient legends relating to the development of Vietnam.

Besides, joining Vietnam motorcycle tours, our motorbike riding crew can invest times in watching a performance of Xoan singing, also in this province, which is mainly showed on the spring with many local festivals. This kind of performance is related to god-worshipping rituals, so it obtains the special meaning with the Vietnamese.

There are still a lot of world heritages in Vietnam that you can see on the Vietnam motorcycle tours. Let’s wait for other articles and we will take you from Thanh Hoa to the Highland of Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh legendary trail, where you can find the exclusive heritages.

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