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What do you truly expect when taking a tourism company for your dream trip? I myself am crazy about adventure, particularly in far-off destinations where are mostly untouched by tourists. With nearly a decade I spend for riding motorbike around Vietnam, mainly in Northern part I totally understand motorcyclists’ expectations on the trips. With aim to set one of a lifetime motorbike tours in Vietnam for like-minded travelers, I along with professional motorcycle devotees design a range of interesting Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours for motorcyclists coming to enjoy it. If you keep dreaming of riding across stunning countryside in Vietnam, Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours are exactly what you are looking for!

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours


From the very first days of founding the company 8 years ago to now, We always keep in minds that your satisfaction is our last goal. We do our best and try to go the extra miles in every trip. Below are what our company follow to keep pleasing all customers.

Rule 1: “Safety first”

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours really does care about motorcyclists’ safety. When traveling with us, we never forget to make sure you are completely safe. Before each real ride, we have to check your capacity of driving a motorbike. Of course, if you are an experienced rider, you will pass it fluently. But don’t worry if you are inexperienced one, we set a range of training courses for you to help you drive well. In case you are not good at riding enough, you can still travel with us in the back gallons of our tour guides or in the supported van.

Besides, we give you professional motorbikes and free of charge helmets and motorcycle gear with optional pick up support vehicle full of snacks and cold drinks for optimum comfort and security. The fleet services fully meet the western standards and the international travel insurance regulations.

Rule 2:“Amazing routes”

Why do we choose no other transportations but motorbikes for your incredible trips ever? It is the truth that a great trip is not all about the destinations we reach but the way to those stunning places. Our Motorbike Tours North Vietnam supplies motorcyclists with a list of the best of the best landing-places of beauty such as Sapa, the fanciful town in fog where is filled with the pink color of peach blossom brought from the vast forests of peach just outside the town When Tet, the Lunar New Year Festival comes, or the freshwater Lake of Ba Be, the only significant natural upland lake in the North of Viet Nam.

But, it is not all. To be your one of a kind adventure, you cannot waste any specious moments throughout the journey. Just think about the time amount you spend on the road, you will understand why we offer you the trips with stunning off-roads on motorbike instead of bus.

Joining with us on Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will have a special opportunity to go through the countryside roads with the tranquil villages and friendly locals working on the paddy fields or massive mountains and forests. It is also the rugged and narrow roads for you to experience the village landscapes and the panorama of huge mountains. Feeling the winds touch your skin as well as hair times by times, breathing in a fresh air while sinking in a picturesque scene will be your wonderful memory.

Ma-Pi-Leng pass-Ha-Giang

Ma Pi Leng Pass, the legend

Rule 3: “hospitality”

As you know, Vietnamese people are famous for gentle, hardworking, and hospital characters. Vietnam Motorbike Tours always welcomes visitors with open arms and happy smiles. You are not just customers but friends. Many of our customers came back with us for more adventures because they do love the way we treated them. We believe that you will also highly impress on things we serve you.

What is more, there are friendly and hospitable local residents no matter where our Vietnam motorbike tours ride to. Different from some touristy places where people just want to make more interest from travelers, the beautiful countryside we show you still keeps their virgin beauty without effects of tourism’s activities.

Taking our Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will get a chance to experience colorful and vivid life of local people, especially ethnic groups. They are so veracious that you will instantly love them after getting acquainted with. For some, they decided to stay in Vietnam after touring with us because their indeed love for people here.

Rule 4:“professional staff”

Book our Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours which you are guided by professional staffs who have many years of riding as well as English-speaking experience. They have trained through many courses in order to fluently drive on a motorbike. Moreover, our members are filled with our stunning culture knowledge. Anything you are curious about our traditional customs, feel free contact us. We will answer all of your raising questions.

Besides, we update new roads day by day for supplying the customers with the best. We continuously improve to keep our company the first. The more days you ride with us, the more you love what we did for you.

Riding in Vietnam with us will fulfill your experiences as well as your eagerness to learn about new knowledge, new cultures of a different Vietnam.

Peace in mind that we will offer you the best package which is suited to your requirements.

We hope to see you on roads!

Contact Alan at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to make reservation for motorcycle tours. We will get back to you within 2 hours.

Hotline 24/7: + 84. 945. 918. 688

Did you know Vietnam Motorbike Ride can organize any additional accommodation and travel services.

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